McDonald’s sued ousted chief Executive’silence and lies about sex with an employee

(Reuters)-McDonald’s Corp. said on Monday it sued former chief Executive Steve Easterbrook to recover the billions of dollars of severance payments and benefits, claiming that he concealed and lied about the sexual relations of at least three employees.

The lawsuit comes nine months after McDonald’s ousted Easterbrook has no reason to, after determining that he had engaged in non-physical, voluntary relationship between the employees, violations of the fast food chain’s policy.

McDonald’s says to re-open the matter last month after receiving an anonymous, and found that Easterbrook engaged in a sexual relationship of the employees a year ago his departure.

Lawyers Easterbrook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. When he left McDonald’s, Easterbrook said he agreed the situation with the employee a”mistake”, which is”I want to move on.”

Easterbrook Compensation Value is 41. 8 billion when he left the Chicago company to perform the payment company Equilar has estimated.

But McDonald’s said Easterbrook is no longer worthy of the payment is because of his”silent lies”, and has been its Board of Directors known the full picture it would have fired him”for cause.”

In its complaint in the Delaware Chancery Court, McDonald’s said it has found dozens of Nude or sexually explicit photos of women, including the three employees, i.e., Easterbrook sent to his personal email account from his corporate email account.

McDonald’s said Easterbrook deleted messages and attached photos from his company-issued phone shortly before he stepped down, but they are still in a company’s server without him knowing.

It also says that Easterbrook had approved a”special”stock grant of several hundred thousand dollars for an employee shortly after their first sexual encounter, and lied to investigators to deny any physical relationship with employees.

Easterbrook,a native of England, became McDonald’s chief Executive January 2015. He has been credited with the modern chain, the introduction of touch screen kiosks, and conduct an all-day Breakfast menu.

His successor, Chris Kempczinski, last month update, the McDonald’s company values, which are finally completed, in 2008, stressed the need to”do the right thing.”

In an employee memo on Monday, Kempczinski said McDonald’s intolerance that is inconsistent with its values and Easterbrook behavior”deviates from our values, in a different and broader way”, than it is known.

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