Massachusetts State Police began testing Boston Dynamics robot dog, found

Field, who has a striking resemblance to the killer robot dog Black MirrorHas been used by law enforcement for the first time.

According to records obtained by the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union and the publication of WBUR, the Boston Dynamics robot is leased by the Massachusetts State Police a three-month trial period ends. 5.

Live action, as released by the Massachusetts State Police.

Live action, as released by the Massachusetts State Police.

Records disagree on how to police the use of the site, beyond description it is a”mobile remote observation equipment.” The robot is not equipped with any weapons: the only four-legged, a camera and an annoyance of the dexterous arm.

As WBUR pointed out that it already is routine the police use of robots, especially in dangerous situations involving explosives or hostages. But the robot has been used to kill. The end of the impasse of a sniper, the Dallas police mounted a robot bomb, killing the attackers of the explosion.

This might intimidate people who have seen 2017 Black Mirror Plot”,”in which weaponized robot dog to hunt down, terrorize and brutally kill,

Robot dog is coming.

Robot dog is coming.

Boston Dynamics, noted WBUR, whose terms of service specifically prohibit the weaponization of locations. The company began leasing the robot in the month, which indicates that the company, which can be used for the construction site or monitoring oil and gas facilities.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union does not think the terms of Service are not sufficient to ensure the implementation of the law is not the robot arm in the future.

“We really need some laws and certain norms to establish a floor of protection, to ensure that these systems can’t be abused or abuse in government hands,”Kate Crockford, an American Civil Liberties Union spokesman, told WBUR. “Is not a terms of service agreement is just not enough.”

Until then, the police officers on the spot will wander.

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