‘Mask’was added At The Best Mall in the latest software update.

Nearly a year ago, Todd Howard, the Director of the Bethesda game, he said, the company”Impact of the shelter”of the game in the future Tesla display. It arrived, by 2020. 20 software update, this week, this is first noticed on the driving platform Teslascope.

Fallout Shelter is the latest and one of the more modern games—to join Tesla in the street, a car feature that allows drivers to play video games while the vehicle is parked. It added 2048, Atari Super Break, Cuphead,Stardew Valley, Missile Command, Asteroids, lunar lander and Centipede. The Mall also includes a new and improved(meaning more difficult)backgammon game and chess.

The 2020. 20 software update, increasing the game, there are some other improvements, and does not reach all the Tesla vehicles have not, including the Model 3 in the reporter’s car(the vehicle with the existing 2020. 16. 2. 1 update, which includes improved backgammon and re-design of Tesla iconic building).

However, the YouTube channel of the main JuliansRandomProject is one of the lucky few who did not receive it and posted a video that provides a look at the consequences and how it is the work of the vehicle. Road also found and shared the JuliansRandomProject video, which is embedded below.


Fallout Shelter is only one of the newer features in the software update. Some of the features added to the steering wheel, so that all people can use the dial controls to play, pause, skip video playback mode, the function, the mainstream of Netflix and other videos(while in Park).

Tesla has also improved the Trax, which allows you to record the song. Trax now includes a piano roll think, you can edit and now for your notes in one track.

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