Magic Leap CEO Rony online without being stepped down

Magic Leap CEO Rony online without confirmed that he had raised a new round of funding, and he also said that he will serve as augmented reality of the company’s top Executive.

In a statement, the online has not confirmed the rumors, the company made a last-minute round of funding, but he didn’t say where it came from, he did not say the amount raised. The company is turning attention to its spatial computing platforms in the enterprise market.

A week ago, the information reports that Magic Leap raised $ 350 million lifeline, just after the company announced the cut of 1,000 jobs and the consumer business for its Magic Leap in an AR headset, which covers the animated image in the real world.

In some ways, this is not a surprise to see online did not say he would step down after the company found a new CEO. Many companies do not their founder, Magic Leap did not fulfill its original vision to change our world in the AR glasses. The company is trying to make consumer and business products successfully at the same time. But the consumer market, rejecting the Magic Leap product the price is expensive, sold at least $ 2,000. With large corporate orders not to achieve a technology that seems to be it is still a work in progress.

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Magic Leap plans to focus on the enterprise may be the right strategy, as the company more likely than consumers to make a bet on high-end technology. But there is a lot of competition and it will not be easy to convince the customer that Magic Leap will pull off a miracle after blowing on its first try. As the virtual reality business, Magic Leap, you may need to hunker down and prepare for the idea of the revolution, will not be fast. This is probably the kind of thing the new CEO will have to think about.

Online NO is a commendable idea, get the company on its valuation of billions of dollars. But it might be a good time to find someone who can make a business all of this value.

Here is the online no full statement:

As we have shared over the past few weeks, in order to set the Magic Leap on a course of success, we have to rotate to focus on providing a spatial computing platform for the enterprise.

We have closed a large number of new funds and has very positive momentum, the key enterprise of strategic partnerships.

As the Board of Directors and I plan to change what we’ve done Magic Leap, the need for this focus stage, it became to us that, changing my role is a natural next step. I discuss this Committee, we have agreed that now is the time to bring in a new CEO can help our commercial, our focus on the plan of spatial computing in the enterprise. We have been actively recruiting candidates for this role, I look forward to sharing more soon.

I’m already ahead of Magic Leap, since 2011(starting in my garage). We have created a new field. A new medium. And we have been together to define the future of computing. I’m amazed at everything we have built and look forward to all the Magic Leap will build on the decades.

I will keep our CEO through the transition and I’m on a discussion Board about how to, I will continue to provide strategy and vision, from the Board level. I’m super excited, the Magic Leap future, and convinced that in our team and all of their incredible talent and ability.

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