Look up from your sofa and a Cov of heroes, the doctor said


All of Italy is on the lock. Colombia is in the National range of the isolated area. New Yorkers, Californians and other Americans are asked to stay at home. There have been more than 234,000 cases of the coronavirus detected so far around the world.

However, there are people who defy this new way of life, partying on a Florida beach, and erroneously published opinion, the government’s reaction has been exaggerated.

Chicago epidemiologist succinctly explains why those people are wrong, and on Friday at a press conference described the city’s response to the epidemic. Saturday California to issue a stay-at-home order.

“This is the only way forward. This virus is relentless. It spread before you even know you caught it, it tricks you to believe that this is nothing more than a little flu,”said Dr. Emily Landon, who directs the infection prevention and control at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Her description extends the thin hospital did not have enough to cover persons and a world in which those with mild cases, to prevent isolation and social alienation of the request to tear down our already shaky support system.

“Not to take drastic measures, healthy and optimistic among us will doom the fragile.”

Before the podium, Landon she said she did not leave her home in the days leading efforts in emergency planning. She took her son home for good, skip the sports games and a bake sale.

“There is no vaccine or easy to get an antiviral to help reverse the situation. All we must slow the propagation distance, social distance. If we allow each patient to infection with the virus infected three people then they each infect two or three people, there will be no hospital bed when my mother couldn’t breathe very well or when you cough too much.”

Stay at home and streaming your favorite TV shows, instead of going out can help more than you think.

“These extreme restrictions may seem to last a little anti-climactic. Because it’s really hard to feel like you are saving the world when you look at from your couch. However, if we do it right, nothing happened,”Brandon said. “A successful shelter in place means you will feel all this is why, you are right. Because nothing means that what is happening in your family. This is what we want to go here.”

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