Lewis, on the Internet famous Koala rescued from Australia bushfires, has died

“Lewis”the Koala, he was brought to the attention of a viral video he was rescued, from Australia to the destruction of forest fires, has been euthanised.

Macquarie Koala Hospital made a sad cloth yesterday on Facebook, the description they had put him under General anesthesia that morning”to assess his burns hurt(sic)and change the bandages.”

“We recently released,’the burns can become worse before they get better’,”wrote the hospital. “On offer at Ellenborough Lewis’s case, the combustion is not worse, unfortunately, it will not get better.

“The Koala hospital’s number one goal is animal welfare, and therefore, it is on these grounds that the decision was made. We thank you for your continued support.”

Named as his Savior Tony Doherty’s grandson, Lewis, was found on May 19 in forest areas, along the New South Wales, Oxley Highway, West of Wauchope. Doherty V. 9 information two days later, Lewis left the hospital, and is being investigated after by a caregiver, but Hospital spokesman only Koala 50%chance of survival.

Unfortunately, it seems that his health deteriorated after that, and the hospital was forced to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. He is 14 years old.

Speaking of the future via e-mail, port the wheat Koala hospital sue Ashton said the hospital has treated 33 koalas for forest fire-related injuries, because during a fire to start, three have euthanised. They think that there are more people died while receiving treatment.

“In the Macquarie region, we know that to reach 350 koalas perish in two weeks,”Ashton said. “However, this is a very conservative number; we think there are a lot more.”

“We believe that the fire wiped out many wild Koala population there are many burned and burned to ashes. Koala gestation is 35 days and the fertile females breed about every 18 months to two years. It will take decades of wild Koala populations on the East coast of Australia for the recovery.”

It will be more difficult by the omnipresent threats koalas have been facing changes in the Australian climate. Speaking of the future, previously, the Gold Coast Wildlife Hospital’s Dr Michael Pyne said the heat and lack of rain has resulted in a lot of plant life, causing the koalas and other local wildlife died of starvation and dehydration.

“Those who escape the fire managed to escape, namely the management on the move, they are putting more pressure on an already really struggling with UN-Habitat is not maintained there,”said Dr Pine.

Macquarie Koala Hospital started a GoFundMe in October last year, to help solve this problem, hope to raise $ 25,000 for wildlife drinking station in the burned areas. It has now raised almost $ 1.75 million—70 times their original goal.

As a result of this emergence, the contributions will now also funded the establishment of a wild Koala breeding program. Ashton country, this plan has been five years ahead of schedule, and they”hope that this program…will rebuild the Koala population to extract forest fires.”

Australia bushfires continue to wreak havoc across multiple countries is not controlled, and is expected to do so for a few months. Six people have been confirmed dead and hundreds of homes destroyed, there are 2. 5 billion acres burned, in New South Wales alone.

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