Largest-ever map of the universe of the song of the mind

This map looks back to the time.

Astronomers working on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey of a decades-long project, the map of the universe—has recently released a new 3D map of the universe. It covers 11 billion dollars a year(out of the 13. 8 billion dollars)of the universe’s history.

More than 100 scientists map the distance of more than two million stars and quasars(black holes release a large amount of energy)to create a map of the universe, relative to Earth.

“Our location in the center of this map,”the organization wrote, referring to the map below.

“As we seen in the distance, we look back at the time,”they increased. (Here, we see a”slice”through a domain.)

The light that we see other stars and galaxies requires a very, very long time to reach the Earth(for example, it takes some 2. 5 billion years for light from Andromeda to reach us.)

The SDS map of the universe.

The SDS map of the universe.

Image: Anand Raichoor(EPFL)/Ashley Ross(Ohio State University)/SDS cooperation


The map shows the different objects in space, like galaxies, at different distances from us. In each of the color region specified on the map, astronomers measure the pattern of light to detect objects-all these are far away from our galaxy the universe constantly expands. (The light from the oldest object in the universe, for example, is a stretch, because these objects are moving farther away from us, this will change the wavelength of light.)

These signatures help reveal in these objectives, on the other, in continuous development, the expansion of the universe.

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