Largest dinosaur ever had ‘rhino-like horn’ at birth, research reveals

Researchers have discovered an “incredibly rare” embryo of a titanosaur that shows the long-necked herbivore had a “rhino-like horn” on its nose that was lost when it reached adulthood.

The fossilized skull of the 80-million-year-old previously unknown species of titanosaur shows the horn in remarkable detail. The skull is just 1.2-inches-long, but in addition to the horn, it shows the giant sauropod had “at least a partial binocular vision that would provide a much better visual perception,” researchers wrote in the study.

“The preservation of embryonic dinosaurs preserved inside their eggs is extremely rare,” study co-author Dr. John Nudds said in a statement. “Imagine the huge sauropods from ‘Jurassic Park’ and consider that the tiny skulls of their babies, still inside their eggs, are just a couple of centimeters long.”

(Credit: University of Manchester)

(Credit: University of Manchester)

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