Land Rover Defender roof tent Price, Specifications and pictures

  • New Land Rover Defender is equipped with an optional roof tent from Autohome.
  • It can sleep two on a full size mattress, and comes with a pillow, an internal LED light, and aluminum ladders.
  • It costs 3,081 euros, or about $ 3,500. The customer will be asked of them directly with the Autohome.
  • Visit the service’s intranet page for more stories.

New Land Rover Defender is finally back after 23 years no—but that’s not all. You can now select with a foldable roof tent for maximum outdoor adventure.

Land Rover Defender 110, roof tent company Autohome create a custom made roof tent, snugly in the car on the roof. When it is not in use the tent is protected by a glass housing, according to a company press release.

To erect the tent, you just need to loosen the fastening at the rear of reconciliation except for the shell with a light heart. Once sensing movement, the overall gas struts will handle the rest, completely open weave sides. Land Rover says the entire process can be done single-handedly and in a matter of seconds.

The tent can sleep two adults in a full size cotton mattress. It comes with a pillow, an internal LED light, and a loaded network.

Land Rover says: the tent price of 3,081 euros, of which about $ 3,500. Land Rover spokesman said that interested customers can a tent by Autohome in.

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