Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ video is a joyous alien desert rave epic shot on iPhone 11


In a galaxy far, far away from the light, Last A new female Gaga single, and have nothing to do with Bradley Cooper.

Clip’Stupid Love’an Ordinance rah-rah-mode plus sausage with arpeggio synths for days, it was reported that the shooting of the iPhone11, lady own Then label#ShotOniPhone Because she laughed at the simultaenous decline of the two tracks and vision.

Look at Gaga and her”kind of punks”battle it out with some help from a lot of brightly coloured latex, chains and joy, surprisingly accessible arrangement you can be completely understand in the space of one night. But a lot of this is just a loose, instinctive jumping, and waving you have to do on the dancefloors for the next year.

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