Justin Bieber makes James Corden reveal how much he regrets being in ‘Cats’


Give Justin a Pulitzer for this, the toughest interview of the year so far.

In the normal The Late Late Show Truth-or-disgusting-dare segment of”Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts.”primary(or at least the producer handed him the card)hit the main James Corden with a tough question: scale of one to 10, how much will he regret doing so Cat?

As always it is difficult to know whether this problem is truly a surprise to Corden, but he thought about hard, simply to think, choose to eat some fish sperm of the opposite, then the answer, it seems, truthfully. He is diplomatic, but his grimacing, umm-ing and aah-ing tell the real story.

Also in this area, Corden needs a massive chomp out of a cow’s tongue, rather than exclusive of the fellow late-night host, Bieber the risk of sleeping on the couch through the exclusive wife, girlfriend, and Corden make a primary choice between shaving a beard and eating Scorpions. His answer may surprise you, especially if you’ve seen that mustache.

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