Joy City offers cash rewards content creators with the latest’Gunship Battle Event–good

Joy City held special events for their Modern Warfare title, Gunship Battle: Total WarProvide content creators the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

The race, which will run until the end, and is open to all Youtube users to create video content for the popular strategy title, which puts players in command of the fleet, land, air and sea forces in epic 3D battles. All that is needed is to let the participants play through a specific task row to show off the game, and provide information on how to play and earn special achievements. Just to enter the contest you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of promo codes and a chance to win a $ 1,000 cash reward for any completion of the project on 7-th place.

That’s not all though, participants completed the front 8 to 18 Place will receive a brand new Silver, the overall race winner will take home a $ 5,000 Grand prize. Most importantly, participants completed the first 3 will have their name added to the special in-game activities of the project, you will see players around the world, have their own video, and promote on the game’s official Facebook channel. All participants will also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to get protection, $ 1000 cash, and other good stuff!

Entries, and the row of Gunship Battle: Total War Staff based on creativity and presentation. The top 7 projects will be co-the game’s official Facebook account where fans will vote for the overall winner.

The game has been expanded and is open to any a YouTube account, regardless of whether it is a seasoned content Creator or just beginning. To enter, just head to match the Opera event of the page, and follow the rules of submission.

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