John Oliver debunks the election fraud claims made by Trump and his allies


Another week, another spate of angry, baseless comments from Donald Trump about election fraud. John Oliver already spent time on Last Week Tonight earlier this year quashing claims that mail-in voting leads to “massive fraud,” but this week he turned to the specifics — going through each of the different examples put forward by Trump and his supporters and debunking them, one at a time.

That claim that thousands of dead people had voted in Michigan, for instance? “When CNN picked out 50 of those names to do a spot check, they discovered 37 were dead and hadn’t cast votes, five had voted but were still alive, and eight were alive but hadn’t voted,” Oliver explains.

And the poll worker who appeared anonymously on Fox News to state she’d seen people outside a Biden-Harris van tampering with ballots? “That is either total bullshit or the dumbest scheme of all time,” Oliver says. “The Biden-Harris campaign opened envelopes and marked ballots in the parking lot of the polling place, in broad daylight, against the side of a van that had their logo on it? That is like if in Ocean’s 11, they showed up to the casino in a giant Danny Ocean Robbery Service van and slowly put on their disguises in the lobby — it’s the perfect crime!”

The list goes on from there — and after he’s finished debunking the various claims, Oliver explains why Republicans’ decision to humor Trump is having real-world consequences, blocking Biden’s team from accessing transition funds, and obstructing their access to COVID-19 distribution plans.

“As a parting gift to the country, Trump is somehow managing to divide us even further, while also hobbling his successor at the worst possible time,” Oliver finishes. “Which is absolutely unforgivable.”

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