John Krasinski reveals he’s in possession of Pam’s teapot from ‘The Office’

Jim and Pam binding on*the*teapot.

Jim and Pam binding on*the*teapot.

Picture: the office/NBC/agencies

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It has been nearly seven years since the The office Over, but we finally know the whereabouts of the teapot Jim Halpert to Pam Beesly in”the Christmas party”episode of the show.

It’s safe and sound in John Krasinski’s House.

In the latest episode of Office lady Broadcast, John Group revealed to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, He Who got to keep the teapot from Season 2, Episode 10. Until this week, it seems to be the fate of the original Teapot is unknown—even to the Fischer and Kinsey, who really scream when they found out.

In the clip shared Office lady Instagram accounts, the group explained that Phil Shea, prop master on the The officeYes, the reason he has his souvenir set. “He sent me a box with like three or four years after my bag, my hand…and the teapot, bro. Whaaaaaat?” Krasinski said.

In response to the big reveal,Kinsey and Fischer repeatedly screaming the same,”you’re a teapot!”

Kinsey went on to explain,”we already know who has the teapot. Son of a gun.” And Krasinski, who apparently let this extreme honor go to his head a few seconds, pointed at himself,”replied The Teapot, son.”

“Wow. You have it,”Fee said, still in shock. “I think you know,”Krasinski said. “I don’t know, this is a great caper.”

Fischer and Kinsey assured him that they don’t know where the teapot has gone, but say they have spent years want to know who has reserved it. I assume the fee want that kettle in her property, so maybe they can draw out a joint custody agreement or something. They can be considered The sister relationship of the line pantsThe type of case and Mail the teapot back each month, or pulled Mean Girls And see the half, so they can each get a piece.

At least, the group should share a photo or video of the teapot on the social media that the actor and fans may see it. Please. It’s been so long. Bro, dude, son, we beg you.

You know Fees want to the teapot.

You know Fees want to the teapot.

Picture: the office/NBC/agencies

Although this seems to be a huge surprise to everyone, the base actually tells Twitter(and fees!) His teapot back in 2017.

The old tweet was brought to Kinsey’s attention to the fans, we eagerly anticipated costs of the response.

Three former stars also discussed some other items, keep them self on the set of the podcast. The art Department gave Kinsey a fake painting of Angela, hang in the Senator’s house, the fee to keep a few trinkets from her Desk and a few pieces of wardrobe, and Phil Ox also gifted her Pam’s watercolor painting of Dunder Mifflin. As for Krasinski, he admitted stealing Dunder Mifflin sign in using the characters to do the talking heads at the front—like he directly carried out the robbery, and then lie to showrunner Greg Daniels related. The real Jim move.

Be sure to hear the full Show podcast to hear about the group interview process, the prank he pulled on the Fischer in the shooting, as well as behind-the-scenes story of”casino night.”

You can stream the episode The office Netflix, and according to the podcast every week in Earwolf, Apple Podcasts, or seam.

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