Jimmy Kimmel has some handy ways to visualise Trump’s 16,241 lies


Over the past three years he has been in office, how many lies do you think Donald Trump to tell me? Then, according to the The Washington PostIt is a solid 16,241.

“Since taking office, Trump has accumulated more than 16,000 false or misleading claims,”says Jimmy Kimmel in the clip above. “16,241 lie, it’s just in public—this does not even include the time he told Don Jr. He love him.”

Kimmel said the number is so large, it is difficult to understand. His solution? Some handy visual representation to help break the numbers down.

“This is 7,000 more lies than there are visible stars in the night sky,”Kimmel said, standing in front of a huge constellation by the word”lie.”

“If these lies, the coat furry cream pancakes on an inch thick, and they stack up higher than the Empire State Building.”

Mind boggles.

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