Jim Jordan urged Jerry Nadler use the bar to listen to see if the Obama-Biden’arms’of the Ministry of justice to Trump

A On the top floor of the Republicans urged the Chairman of the Democratic leadership of the House Judiciary Committee, using the Attorney General William Barr’s planned day of testimony as an opportunity to conduct oversight of the”weaponization”of Obama’s justice sector goals, now President of the Trump.

Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, sent a four-page Letters Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York on Friday, told him that he should use Barr look to find the alleged misconduct during the ACE-Russian investigation.

“The Attorney General’s appearance is also an opportunity to the Committee for oversight of the Obama-Biden of the government’s weaponization of the judiciary and the intelligence community for the Trump campaign,”Jordan wrote. “In the past few months, we learned shocking details about how the Obama-Biden of the government’s use of its judiciary and the intelligence community the goal of the ACE movement.”

At the hearing, see Barr’s alleged politicization of the judiciary earlier this week, which includes a focus on the prosecution of longtime Trump friend Roger Stone, Nadler alleges that”Barr’s actions clearly showed, in his Ministry of justice, the President’s allies get special treatment, and on the President’s enemies, real and imagined, is targeted for additional review.”

“There is no injustice of the judiciary, ladies and gentlemen,”said he,”the disease, we must deal with is Mr. bar the use of justice as a weapon in service to the President of the small private interests.”

Jordan told Nadler, next month’s hearing to Barr the A”opportunity to respond to baseless and outrageous allegations against you and other Democrats.” He also urged Nadler”to avoid the sight, it will only embarrass you and the Committee.”

The Ohio Congressman said that he believes that the Judicial Council”must obtain certain documents and testimony from the Obama-Biden government witnesses”in order to”better understand the scope and extend the Obama-Biden law Department the goal of the ACE campaign and transition team.” The Ohio Republican Party asked the New York Democrat let him know by the end of business next Friday,”whether you intend to join us in our efforts in this important oversight.”

The Republican letter listed a host of what he considered the obvious question with the Ministry of justice carried out a survey of Russian and Bertrand: the 17″significant errors and Omissions”relating to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to ensure the Trump of the activities associated with Carter Page in 2016 and 2017, the use of the British ex-spy Christopher Steele of obscene and flawed democracy-funded archives, the former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith like editing a paper during FISA litigation page, the recent decryption of the witnesses recorded transcripts, from the House Intelligence Committee, a top Obama national security officials have no direct evidence of ACE-Russian collusion.

Jordan also mentioned some controversial retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, including FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok appear to stop the FBI from the end of the survey Flynn in the beginning of January in 2017, the insistence of the FBI’s”seventh floor”leadership After the Board found”no derogatory information”; the beginning of the month in 2017, a meeting between President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey in which Flynn is a discussion of the issues an interview with Flynn by Strzok and FBI agent Joseph Pientka; and Strzok and the FBI lawyer Lisa Page allegedly, the rewriting of the FBI notes(referred to as 302)from Flynn for the interview.

The Ohio Republican also presented the notes from Strzok published this week, suggesting that Comey said Flynn of the telephone with the Russian Ambassador”appeared legitimate.” The note also indicates that, Obama said the feds should”look at”using”people”and Biden raised the Logan Act.

“As the claim you are so concerned about politicization in the judiciary, this information should shock and alarm you,”Jordan wrote. “But, for some reason, you have been strangely silent and disinterested. On the contrary, you have focused in attack on Attorney General Barr—who is trying to clean up the abuses of the Obama-Biden law departments rather than in learning more about these disturbing facts. I hope you will change course.”

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