Jeff Van Drew, a House Democrat opposed to impeachment, plans to switch parties

On behalf of Jeff Van Drew, a moderate Democrat who speak out against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, intends to switch parties next week, the New York Times report.

Van Drew announced that he intended to take the place of the House vote whether to impeach the President. This is a development viewed as providing a timely distraction of the ACE, and the Republicans are also considered to emphasize the partisan nature of the impeachment. Van Drew’s decision is because he glances down a potentially competitive Democratic primary in the year 2020—and an equally tight General election in an area, ACE win in 2016.

As the logic goes, if he switches parties, where to draw the possible security Trump the ratification and implementation as well as in the Republican Party at the beginning and then the General election. (No guarantees, of course, the plan will work.)

Van Drew currently represents New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, the southern tracts of the country, including Atlantic City. He first won his seat in the house in 2018, become a Democratic Party 31 to capture an area, ACE in 2016.

Van Drew has long been more conservative members of his panel and his house seat has been held by Republicans for some time. However, Van Drew’s efforts to switch parties only occur because he has already begun to attract national attention for his decision to buck House Democrats impeachment investigation.

Van Drew and representatives Colin Peterson(D-MN)are the only two Democrats to vote against a House resolution that laid out the procedures for the impeachment inquiry earlier this year. And he’s since said he plans to vote against the articles of impeachment next week.

“I think this splitting of the country except that it is only about 13 months until the elections,”Van Drew first told reporters.

Van Drew’s decision is because he seems to be losing support of his party

News Van Drew’s plan to change parties a few days later he said that he intends to adhere to the Democratic Party. “I just do what I do. I’m still a Democrat, right here,”Van Drew said on Wednesday.

Despite this Declaration, there are signs that lawmakers are facing growing pressure from his own party and the Republican Party.

As the Times reports, where to draw the experience of the reaction of the other New Jersey Democrat to his opposition to impeachment, and is potentially set to face a primary Challenger next year. New Jersey Earth David Wildstein reported that when the Van Drew asked the state party leaders a letter of support recently, and they told him no.

“Some of us have had enough of Jefferson Van Drew,”a Democratic official told Wildstein. “He’s on his own now.”

Without his party’s help, the Van picture is facing a tough election in a district, it is the ordinary five-point in 2016. Moreover, even if he made it past the Democratic primary, his victory in the General election is far from certain.

Van Drew plans to switch parties seems to be solved he found this dilemma: by making his announcement next week, where Drew can help this is the ACE your smaller winner impeaches him. In return, the ACE may agree where to draw the re-election, a move that will likely help him in a Republican primary and General election.

Even so, Van Drew’s efforts does not mean he is re-elected. The Cook Political Report of the district as a toss—and it’s possible the Van Drew to a sudden switch may ultimately help to inspire the very Democrats elected him in 2018.

As Bloomberg Sahil Kapur Noted on Twitter, the legislators who have switched parties in the past including. Parker and Griffith. Arlen Specter—have not been away victory.

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