J.K. Rowling’s to release first children’s story since Harry Potter

Jk Rowling will eventually publish The IckabogA”stand-alone fairy tale”and her first children’s stories to Harry Potter Online Free.

New sections will go live in this Ickabog Website at 3 p.m. GMT day between now and July, beginning with the first two weeks II. A complete print and e-book version will be available for purchase on the Concession royalties to help those who have been affected by COVID-19.

In addition, Rowling tweeted a call for illustrations: The Ickabog Will be released with works of art, to this end, Rowling to promote children and parents at home to see how they can come up with. Each network will provide figure prompt start. Although the formal entry of a final version by release, Rowling encourages those involved to share their work with the hashtag#theickabog network, so she can at least see and participate in.

Rowling has mocked The Ickabog Since 2007, when the last Harry Potter book was released, the world waited with bated breath for her next project. On the contrary, Rowling’s new version is adult fiction, beginning with the 2012 Temporary vacancies And four cormorants against the secret release of the next Kana. Her next strike of new is scheduled for September. 15.

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