It announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2030

Computer and game peripheral company Logitech today announced plans to limit their carbon footprint and electricity is completely renewable energy generation in a decade.

The company, which is best known for its brand mice and keyboard, and a commitment to support the United Nations 1. 5 degrees Celsius of business initiatives, through the organization announced plans to limit the impact on the environment, or to achieve carbon neutrality in a certain schedule. Other companies joined the pledge including Hewlett-Packard,Levi Strauss, and Vodafone. These initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, announced as part of the Paris agreement of 2015.

It said that the biggest difference can be made early in the product design stage. “The Logitech team in all business groups are taking environmental impact assessment into the new product design and cost, customer experience, manufacturing, and technological innovation,”read a statement.

It says it is playing in the 2030 carbon neutral goal early, and with it some of the offices and factories in Ireland, China and Switzerland, the main use of renewable energy. “The materials, design, manufacture, shipment, and shipment”of the product line, including the Logitech G and astronomical game”has been reduced to zero emissions,”according to the company. It has a transition to”sustainable packaging”in which the Logitech G and MX the Main Line 3, and has started using recycled plastic to its mouse, keyboard, webcam and other products.

“We recognize that its growth is not without an environmental impact,”said Logitech CEO and President Bracken Darrell. “Moreover, although we have made progress, we’ve only just begun our efforts in the design of sustainable development.”

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