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If organizations want their investments in leadership development, in order to more fully pay off, it is essential that they prioritize the development of thinking—particularly by targeting growth, learning, review, and promote the leader’s way of thinking. Because the mindset of transition and development, the leader’s thinking, learning and behaviour will naturally improve, because they see an explanation of their situation more effectively. The results improve their thinking, learning, and behavior will strengthen the effectiveness and success.

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Organizations worldwide spend approximately$356 million leadership development efforts. However, BrandonHall group, Human Capital Research and analysis firm, the survey of 329 organizations in 2013, found that 75 percent of organizations rate their leadership development programs, as not very effective. Why didn’t the company get more Bang for their leadership development money? Our latest research indicates that this is possible, because most leadership development efforts ignore a particular attribute based on how leaders think, learn and act: their way of thinking.

The concept is leader the lens of the spirit, decide what information they take and use meaningful and the navigation of the situations they encounter. Simply put, ways of thinking drive what is leadership and why. For example, they explain why two different leaders may encounter the same situation(for example, belonging to different views), as well as processing and responding to it very differently. A leader might see the situation as a threat, hinder their powers; another as an opportunity to learn and develop further. When leadership development efforts ignore the thinking, they ignored how leaders see and interpret the problems and opportunities like this one.

You may want to know: if the way of thinking is very important, which is supposed to help your leaders develop? In our recent work, we extensively searched the research throughout the social Sciences to understand the various ideas, individuals can have. In doing so, we identified four different ways of thinking, has been found to affect the leader’s ability to with other things, navigate change more successfully, and perform their leadership roles more effective.

Growth and fixed mindset. A growth mindset is a belief of people, including myself, can change their talents, abilities and wisdom. Conversely, those with a fixed mindset do not believe that people can change their talents of ability and wisdom. Decades of research found that those with a growth mindset are more mentally ready to approach and take on the challenge, make full use of feedback, and take the most effective problem-solving strategies, and providing development feedback to subordinates, and show effort and persistence, in seeking to achieve the goals.

Learning and performance way of thinking. A learning way of thinking relates to being positive to increase one’s ability and mastering new things. A performance of the thinking relates to being positive to obtain a favorable decision(or avoiding negative judgments)about a person’s ability. Leaders with a learning mindset, the more effective the mind is more mentally ready to increase their capacity for deep learning strategies, seek feedback, and exert more effort. They are also durable, strong adaptability, willingness to cooperate, and often perform at a higher level.

Consider and example of a solid state. Leaders with a consideration of the machine ways of thinking have improved to accept all kinds of information as a way to ensure that their thoughts and actions, because the best possible. Leaders have an example of the real mind, as the name suggests, is more focused on the implementation of the decision, which closed them to new and different ideas and information. Comparing the two, leadership and consider ways of thinking tend to make better decisions, because they are more fair, more accurate, and not biased in their processing and decision-making.

The promotion and prevention mindset. Leaders promote the idea of focus is to win and gains. They identify a specific purpose, goal or purpose and priorities to progress. Leaders with a prevention of thinking, however, the focus is to avoid losses and to prevent problems at all expenses. The study found that those with a promotion mindset are more prone to positive thinking, more open to change, more likely to persist, despite challenges and setbacks, and exhibit higher levels of task performance and innovative behavior compared to the leaders to have a preventive thinking.

Once you have a better understanding of these mind, you can customize your leadership training programme to unlock the most effective in your managers. A good example of an organization using the power of the mind in this way is Microsoft. From 2001 to 2014, Microsoft’s market capitalization and stock price are substantially the same. However, in 2014, in Sutter Nadella took over, he made his mission to transform leadership and culture. In his book, Hit RefreshAnd Nadella explained that the way of thinking, especially Growth way of thinking–is his main focus on the transformation of Microsoft. With this leadership, the company’s market capitalization and the stock price has more than tripled.

This is just one example, shows that if organizations want their investments in leadership development, in order to more fully pay off, it is essential that they prioritize the development of thinking—especially through targeted growth, learning, review and promote the way of thinking. As a leader, the culture of each, their thoughts, learning and behaviour will naturally improve, because they see and interpret their situation more effectively.

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