Iraq protests: 12 demonstrators killed in Baghdad

Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square–the center of the protest movement–gun-seized a nearby car Park use activities.

The gunman has not been determined.

Hundreds of members of Pro-government militia attacked the Tahrir Square in a show of force, in recent days, people worry about by further unrest, several activists told CNN.

In his Friday sermons, Iraq’s top Shiite clerics warned against intervention, he said, the country’s new Prime Minister must be selected”without any foreign interference.” Time is pressing for MPs to replace the Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, he announced his resignation last week, called on the Iraqi government to”keep the blood of its people”and to”avoid falling into a cycle of violence, chaos and destruction.”

News Abdul Mehdi departure welcomed in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square fireworks.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has previously condemned the killing of unarmed protesters, and the government had failed to deal with the demonstrations, sparked in widespread corruption, high unemployment, lack of public services and the Iranian interference in the country. The demonstrators accused Iran of being involved in the government of Iraq to fail, now it’s repression.

Al-Sistani the remarks come on the same day, the United States imposed sanctions against four people of Iraq, including the”three Iranian leaders-backed militias”to corruption and human rights violations. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, the militias killed dozens of peaceful demonstrators.
Protesters rally in Baghdad' s Tahrir Square.

“The Iraqi people played a step and a bloody price”, because the Iranian regime to the participating States assistant Secretary of State David Schenker said.

We announced the sanctions at Iran's leaders-backed militias in Iraq to protest the killing

Global note, the Qassam period, the Iranian leader of the elite al-Quds Force, recently in the Iraq part of the”to determine the future political leaders of Iraq.”

“This is not normal,”Schenker said. “This is unorthodox…a huge violation of the sovereignty of Iraq.”

Some 432 people have been killed since anti-government demonstrations began in Iraq on 1 May, according to a source with the Independent High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq. Another 19,136 people injured in the demonstrations, the Committee said.

Activists have called on the government to step down and early elections under the direct supervision of the United Nations in response to the deadly crackdown.

CNN’s Nicole Gaouette and Carrie Atwood contributed to this report.

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