iOS14 test display applications like TikTok is still spy on your iPhone clipboard

A copy-paste problem on the iphone is still running wild in more than 50 applications, including TikTok, the numerous news apps and games like Bejeweled.

The clipboard of the privacy breach first reported back in March and exposure, some of the program can see the iPhone user’s clipboard content, whether it be credit card numbers, passwords, or random links. The application access to the copy text or media each time the user open them without the user knowing what is happening.

In Apple’s global conference in January 2020, the latest iPhone operating system, 14, introduced, and with it a new way to inform the user of the app to see your iPhone data. Other types of application data access the report yourself in what Apple is calling a privacy”nutrition label.”

Beta users can immediately note that the clipboard espionage still occurs in all these applications, due to the new privacy features, so that users can see it. Here’s a video showing how the new iOS to remind the user what is happening behind the scenes:


IOS14 open beta is in July of this year officially released, will the next drop. Soon we will see how the application is to spy on our clipboard. Mashable reached out Apple for more information why this seems to still occur in the We’ll update this story if/when we hear back.

Update: June 28, 2020 9:21 PM UTC A researcher found a privacy vulnerability has been with Apple about the problem. He said Apple contacted him and his partner, let the team know that their discovery led to the clipboard notification feature in the upcoming one.

He said they have reached with Apple in January prior to the publication of a privacy violation.

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