Investor perspective on the current state of the global space launch industry.

Investment space Entrepreneurship is important and growing and the opportunities available to commercial players in the space exploration, research and industrialization are multiplying. But for non-professional investors and observers, these opportunities may seem blunt and shield, buried in the technical terms and an exciting amount of publicity.

This is a great time to ask those who are already active in the space invest—like François Chopard, CEO of global aerospace and defense accelerator explosion.

Chopard recently presented a deck, a detailed description of the current state of the space industry, specifically from the early stages of startup and investment activity. The explosion of CEO basically nails the current began to improve space and defense to start the investment, as a start, in 2015 or so, right around the time when the temperature began to rise its launch rhythm after over a decade of development, testing and early commercial launch services.

It is worth noting that, Chopard said the explosion of a database to maintain more than 6,000 aerospace and defense venture is put together, through which the reconnaissance team, and, although he personally expected some kind of Plateau or slow the rate of growth of the sector must play a role, now, in fact there is no such slowdown.

This year alone, a total of $ 5 billion in public funds—and this data does not include the last three months of the year. Taken together, representing four percent of the overall VC market, each star was calculated.

Chopard also presents an overview of trends, opportunities, Starbust see the space and defense industry’s development, citing”location”as the”next bottleneck”for instance.

Basically, this means that all of these new satellite company to be able to get their hardware to space thank you for your presence and affordable launch vehicles will need to Earth-based infrastructure to process the data collected, both during transmission and storage, it will be a booming opportunity for new and emerging companies.

This platform is a great to see what fun and exciting investors about the aerospace and defense, as well as Why is this category that has seen great growth in venture capital in recent years, despite the seemingly high-tech obstacles and considers the long-term development of the schedule.

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