In the United Nations Human Rights Council 53 countries to return home the harsh Hong Kong crackdown

The General Assembly, fifty-three countries in the United Nations Human Rights Council, led by Cuba, came out to support China’s national security law this week–a law formed on the basis of the Communist system, the latest blow to the people of Hong Kong.

Duel of the statements read out by the Council on Tuesday in support of and against the national security law. According to Axios, Cuba read a statement in favor of a law backed by 52 other countries, while the UK read out a statement, showing itself and 26 other countries.

Hundreds arrested in Hong Kong after China’s new national security law

China’s state media Xinhua news Agency reported that the Cuban statement statement is beneficial for Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, and to ensure that Hong Kong residents can exercise their freedom in a”safe environment.”

The law criminalizes anti-government movement, and for the support of democracy protesters in Hong Kong who have pushed back against Beijing’s invasion of the freedom of movement of the territory-which is should be excluded from the principle of”one country, two systems”.

The legal punishment of the Criminal Division, Subversion, terrorism, and conspiracy with foreign forces up to life in prison.

It also established the National Security Committee in Hong Kong in the Beijing control, and allows for those accused of crimes be sent to the mainland for trial. Those who are not Hong Kong permanent residents can be charged under the National Security Act and according to Chinese state media.

Pompeo said that the United Nations Human Rights Council’s life’low’anti-US resolution on race, police

The United States Secretary of State Mike*Pompeii*on Wednesday, the”free Hong Kong is the world’s most stable, prosperous and dynamic city. Now it’s just a Communist-run city, its people will be the party of the elite of victory.”

However, in the human rights Council, where some countries poor human rights record among those who favor drastic measures outnumber those who oppose it. The Council re-examined its members, this year, when Venezuela is one of those with records of human rights violations who took a seat.

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Glasses will see the United States as further evidence that it is correct, pull out of the Council in 2018. And then-United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Haley in 2018 will be referred to as the”protector of human rights violations, and a cesspool of political bias.”

Fox News Daniel Wallace contributed to this report.

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