I’m bad with this-look in the trailer for Netflix’s new series from Stranger Things producers

Netflix has released the trailer I’m bad this, a new series about Sydney, a teen girl played by Sophie Lillis(young Beverly from it)who suddenly discovers that she has special powers. This series, which is adapted from a Charles Forsman graphic novels and guide Jonathan Mr. Entwistle, is to produce the same producers, as Stranger Things.

This is not the first time Mr. Entwistle has been adapted to the Forsman’s novel. – He also directed two end of season F***ing World, which is wrapped in 2019.

Drag a bloody Sydney, but it looks like there will be more traditional dramatic elements,too.

Lillis star next to Wyatt Oleff, who is also in it. He played Stanley URIs in this film; here, he plays a character called Stanley Barber. He does not exclusively play Stanleys, though-he also is a young Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The series will debut on the streaming platform on 26.

Netflix has many of the original film, plans to 2020 years too-here are a selection. Stranger Things further back on the fourth quarter of this year, we recently saw the first puzzle.

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