If you are over 75, the catch covid-19 can be like playing Russian roulette

Are you hiding from covid-19? Me. The reason is simple: high probability of death virus.

I think the risk last week by a report from the New York City Department of Health and Columbia University estimated that, on average, between March and May, and the chances of dying if you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 1.45%.

This is higher than your lifetime chance of getting killed in a car wreck. It is every driver cutting you at every corner taken too fast, every time you almost doze off on the highway, all crowded into one. This is not a disease of I want to get. For someone my mother’s age, the chance of death to 13. 83%, but not high to 17%. This is about 1/6 of, or opportunities, you’ll lose at Russian roulette. This is not a game I want my mommy to play with.

The ratio in which people are dying of coronavirus has been estimated a lot of time and is calculated in different ways. For example, if it becomes official covid-19″case”of the government of the book, your death chance is more like 5%, because you are sick enough to seek help, and has been tested.

But this study, instead of calculating the”infection mortality”, or expanded. This is the chance you die if infected In all. This is the real risk of holding in Fig. It includes a person who is asymptomatic, get just a tap of the nose, or difficult, it is in the home, and has never been tested.

Because we don’t know those who have never tested, the bulky figure is always an estimate, and 1. 45% of digital computing, for New York than most people, including many fluctuations of about 1%. This may be due to higher diabetes and heart disease, in the city, or the estimate used in the study.

It is also true that your own personal odds of death from covid-19 will be different from the average. The position of Affairs—the boat or the city—so your gender, age, and whether there are preexisting health conditions. If you’re in College, your death probability may be as low as a factor of a hundred years, although if you are morbidly obese, they go back. Ill health, cancer, clogged arteries—also a sharp increase in what scientists call The”than”to death.

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