If the Democrats call Bolton for the impeachment of witnesses, the GOP can call Hunter Biden

Republicans could force Biden Hunter to testify, if the Democratic Party succeeds in reconciling with former national security adviser John Bolton is a witness in the Senate impeachment trial.

So to speak. Ted Cruz in an interview Thursday Washington Examiner Soon after, he was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts of Ukraine’s impeachment trial to begin next week. The Texas Republican clearly indicated that while no decision has been reached on whether there is a new witness will be called, he believes, the Republican Senate majority supported Trump’s legal team to call at least an equal number of their own witnesses, possibly including the 2020 Democratic Party leader Joe Biden’s son, if the Democratic floor managers of the trial is allowed to call in additional people came out to testify.

“If other witnesses said that at least we should respect the principle of reciprocity,”said Cruz. “Therefore, if the prosecution is allowed to one witness, the White House should be allowed at least one witness. If the prosecution is allowed two witnesses, the White House should be allowed two witnesses.”

The Republican Party said:”this will mean that, as a practical matter, if the house managers call, such as John Bolton, the White House defense team may be called as a witness said that Hunter Biden.”

The two articles of impeachment adopted by the house charges the President with soliciting Ukraine with the help of interference in the 2020 election when the withholding of military aid and impede the congressional investigation into the matter.

Bolton’s former assistant, Fiona Hill, testified that Bolton against alleged Ukrainian pressure movement, said he thought nothing of the part he described as”drug deal.” And Bolton, he left the White House, announced last week he is willing to testify in the trial. The GOP will be keen to hear Biden the moral distress of the son of his transactions in Ukraine and his lucrative position on the Committee for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma in response.

Cruz,49 years old, is a conservative firm who clashes ACE in 2016 brutal GOP presidential primary,but he has been a defender of the President on his so-called democratic”show trial”of the House, The Vow the Senate will not become a”kangaroo court.”

He said the first thing next week will vote according to the plan similar to the one in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial two decades ago, including a”first stage”open to debate Democratic House managers for 24 hours over two days, and then open the debate to Trump the anti-Captain up to 24 hours over two days, and then by a written question to the legal team, submitted by and read by Justice Roberts. Only then will more likely witness discussions, if the Republicans get their way, while the Democrats want to force the vote early next week.

Cruz did not know the required 51 senators want to hear from the other witnesses after the parties presented the merits of the case.

“I don’t know which way the vote will go,”Cruz said. “If the Senate goes down the road of additional witnesses, which requires fairness and impartiality and respect for due process.”

But he said Who the hell would choose should not be a Senator.

“This is a Determine of house managers in the prosecution and determination of the White House defense team in the defensive aspect,”Cruz said.

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