I tried this $13,000 gamer chair to see if it’d make me a Real Gamer

There is a lot of debate on what makes you a real player. I never seem to make the cut: (

I do not hit the difficulties of the brutal game the no walkthrough or”cheats.” I recently bought my first computer, means my life I’ve been a filthy console casual. I don’t even(and please keep your horror gasp)have a designated player President.

By every indicator is set in the mysterious group of people, have to decide who is the real player I was not one of them. This is despite the fact that there are hungry like thirsty to play video games since I was a kid, and then build a whole career around writing about them professionally. Wild!

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, to CES I heard about the Acer Predator Thronos empty player President. Finally, I want my prayers to be answered. I mean, you can’t get more real players than drop $ 13,000 on what can only be described as a player pod ready to rocket into your game player Space in heaven,right?

Just look at this guy in the promotional material. This is the devil’s smirk of the people is guaranteed, in his true player status:

One day I will know happiness is real players.

One day I will know happiness is real players.

I think this happy, I want to play the game the confidence of the people, I think all the players immersion.

But when I arrived at the Acer open day on Sunday at the Sahara in Las Vegas, things felt off:

Up, and then sit down!

Up, and then sit down!

Maybe it’s my poor not a real player new thinking, but it did not feel”the Space Age-style cottage”and”high-quality, private game wind Harbor,”the ad had promised. This looks more like three(pretty good)macro monitoring stick together on a crane of some LED lights.

But I persist because#GamersRiseUp!!!

I have to test it out Project 2-carUltra-realistic race car simulator. I was told that the $ 13,000, the Chairman, work best simulator, but did not perform as well as the first-person shooter game. You would think FPSes will be the composition in order to win your real player credentials, but I stand corrected!

Despite my initial disappointment, however, I put my most realistic player face:

Is this a thing? I am a real gamer?

Is this a thing? I am a real gamer?

I drove around the Daytona Beach map in a Toyota, is about the size of the circle, mainly by not lifted my foot off the pedal and move the Logitech wheel to control as little as possible. I noticed the monitor did not really aligned, leaving a gap of several inches between me and my full immersion. In car rearview mirror aligned with the two external oversight, which makes me feel somewhat similar to an actual driving experience, I guess?

It turns out the Thronos empty is actually one of the cheaper models of the original $ 29,000 for the Chairman. Previous and expensive version, came with a fully motorized and remote-controlled arm, an embedding of the chair into the pod itself, as well as the actual tabletop game system. This…no. In addition to the monitor, and now hand-tune the crane, and a loose chair, and all the other necessary parts(a computer keyboard, mouse, racing wheel, and pedal)are sold separately.

I can’t say I left the experience feeling more like a real player. I can’t say I left understanding why put an obscene amount of money in the designated player station is so short of the real players of the culture. I can’t say I left feeling nothing but empty and deceiving.

But maybe, it’s just what happens when you become a real player. Obviously, I don’t know.

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