How to teach kids the real meaning of the holiday

Desserts, school interruption, the visitors, of course, Presents from Santa Claus... This really is the most magical time of the year to have a baby.

While there is of course nothing wrong with getting excited about giving and receiving gifts, we have made this point to explain what this season means to our family beyond what’s wrapped under the tree.

If you’re trying a little too focused on Things In your house this year, in encouraging all the other things to celebrate this season!

Discuss family traditions.

Now, we are in the routine of hosting during the holidays, our family traditions feel more rooted in tradition. Each Christmas Eve, we go caroling and one of our favorite restaurants in Manhattan and Christmas, we hosted all of our friends and family live in New York or are visiting. The main thing I want our children to take holidays at home, everyone is welcome, some in the crowd will be greater than other people, but at this time of year our door is always open. The older our children get, the more I know that all this will be just second nature, but to help them understand the importance of tradition in our family was not centered around gift giving is a good start. It is also a good opportunity to discuss the deeper meaning of Christmas if that’s your belief.

Do something.

While I am sure that one of my four-year-old’s love language is really “The gift”The second must be food related(No, that’s not in the book…but still.) Cooking and baking great in our home, so it only makes sense that this involved in the holidays. My mother in law always made Christmas cookies the week before Christmas, this is a tradition I’ve taken on. We also try to have wreath and ornament making! There is no sweeter gift than something handmade from your child.

Spend time with others.

My parents, in laws, Sibling and their significant other all be visited this year for the holidays and I(My love language is quality time, by the way)Is really something! Since most of our family lives in the neighborhood, we are teaching our kiddos just how special is to get them here how wonderful it is, everyone flew to New York to celebrate us.

To those who are in need.

As our child grows, I really want to make volunteering a part of our family holiday program. One simple method is through having your child help choose the gifts to a local toy drive. I believe it is important that children have an understanding that someone around them who are less fortunate and could use the help this time of year, and how we can give back.

The interpretation of the experience-based gifts.

As a New Yorker with limited space, I’m a big fan of an experience-based gift through the thing material. For us adults it seems easy enough to convey–a massage, a pedicure, a nice dinner. But for kids, I think they have a tougher time seeing the experience as a gift…at least in the initial stages. We have come a long way with this and now we have learned this experience really resonates with our son. Recently, it was a trip to get ice cream or French fries or even a trip to the Transit Museum here in Brooklyn.

Holiday activities the day before.

Some of the fun ways we have in the spirit, this year is checking the window display in Manhattan to see The RockettesVisit Leave the train station In the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and seen Dyke height See the Christmas lights! No matter where you live there are always different places to visit, you can help your little one get the spirit and experience the magic of Christmas.

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