How to see the PIP video in Firefox and Chrome

Thanks to the most The most recent Firefox update; The browser is the final surface of the picture in picture function of Google. PiP, as it is often called, allows you to watch a video while browsing their site the ultimate productivity hack if you have a favorite show you hate missing.

Firefox version currently available only for Windows, while Chrome can play the PiP video on all versions of desktop browsers. That is to say, Firefox PiP is more simple to use, and the Chrome requires some additional steps. Here is how to get started in two browsers:


Firefox users will need to first Update their browser version 71 or higher. As described above, the function applies only to Windows users now; a Mac user will have to wait for the PiP roll-out at some future point.

Once the Firefox update, play a bit of the video is super-convenient. Start playing the video on the page, and then the rat. A little blue “PIP” The button should appear over the video; click on the button and the video will swap the PIP mode.


Chrome users have two options for PiP video: either using the local PIP function, add back to the Chromium of 70, or Download the First-party PiP Chrome extension from Google. Both options are available on all desktop version.

Although the download of the extension is an extra step, this is the easier method. Amplification plus a dedicated button next to your address bar, you can click to instantly open a video in a new PiP to the small players. (You can also press the “Alt-P” In the Windows or “Option key+P” In the Mac put on a PIP.)

The roast function requires you to use the hand trigger PiP right click on the video, and then click “PIP.” Some video, including a YouTube video, you need two right-click to access the menu.

Control video playback

Regardless of the browser used, you can control and adjust picture-in-picture movie in the same way once they are up and running. The video will still be in the other browser tab, the video on the screen, and adjust it as needed by clicking and dragging the edges of the video.

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