How to progress a victory, blowing up conventional wisdom

Bowman in front of a podium

Jamaal, Bowman spoke about the participants in his main party last month 23, 2020. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP Photo)

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Although the final voters is still consistent from the last weeks of the Democratic primaries, the result is already clear: the progressive movement inside and outside the Democratic Party, with the traditional wisdom, alive and kicking. Millions of people demonstrated in the streets are accompanied by a record turnout in the primary election even though the epidemic. And the establishment candidate of the deaf needs to change is courting failure.

A telling result is Jamaal, Bowman’s defeat of incumbent Representative Eliot Engel in New York’s 16th Congressional District. Bowman, an African American public school educators in the past 20 years, were recruited to run the Justice Democrats, the same group, pushing Alexander Oka Theo-Cortez is not pleased with the victory, Joe Crowley in 2018. Like Oka Theo-Cortez, Bowman accepted the whole progressive agenda, from racial justice, health insurance for all of the Green new deal. The Democratic establishment stalwarts rushed to agree with Engel, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, seeking his 17th term. Nancy Pelosi and Charles E. Schumer of support; therefore, there is no Hillary Clinton, she was first recognized in a Democratic House race this cycle. Bowman is accepted by Bernard Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the key to progress of the groups. Choose a clear, Democratic voters sweep the Bowman’s victory.

Read the full text of Katrina’s column here.

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