How to livestream ‘Hot Priest’ Andrew Scott performing theatre in your house

Life of the theater was a bit crushed-Cov pandemic. But some are making it work online.

This includes London’s Old Vic Theatre, which is doing our lucky line livestreamed performance of the stray cat’s”hot pastor”Andrew Scott at the The Three KingsA new play by British playwright Stephen Beresford. Not a group, no audience, just Scott.

The program will be livestreamed from the space the Old Vic five performances between July 29 and August 1 through the narrow, so you can watch it on your mobile phone or a laptop zoom in and not a TV app, but you can always use a port cable or casting device, such as a Google should throw it to the big screen. Each performance will Life the title and description.

Play is guided by Matthew Warchus, who worked with Scott in Beresford-wrote the 2014 film Pride. Here’s the plot rundown, because each of the Old Vic website:

“When Patrick was eight years old when his father unexpectedly returns and in a brief, but memorable encounter, he challenges’the Three Kings. A few years after the review conference and the revelation that followed–Patrick traces the events of his father’s life and our grandiose plans, loss of hope and the bold self-delusion.”

This is the second livestreamed performance of the theatre has been running during the period, the British government issued the embargo after Crown Stars, Claire Foy and Matt Smith for Duncan MacMillan play The lungs An empty theatre part of the Old Vic’s”camera”series. This is live to 69 countries from June to July 4.

So, you see how The Three Kings? This is a ticketed event, which is listed for sale by Victoria the old site, on Wednesday July 22 10am BST. If you are outside the UK, you can still purchase tickets on the website, from any country, but be sure to check the time differences for the actual showtime, because it’s life. It is worth noting that the limited tickets to the show, due to limited staffing to handle the booking and provide technical support during each performance.

Tickets cost between £ 10-40,whatever you want to pay. According to the Old Vic, in the art on the registered charity received irregular subsidies,”we’re asking people to pay what they usually would with a night at the theater—this is our way of alternative to the box office income now all of our normal channels of income has been completely wiped out. Everyone will get the same view no matter which ticket they buy.”

You just need to buy a ticket for development, even if you see your roommate on the same device—but if you intend to do so, you have the means, it might be an idea to throw in a little bit for your ticket to support the show. You can’t share your video link, get the email sent to you just performance, so you can’t watch on multiple devices.

In addition, if you want more time Scott, the Old Vic also selling tickets to a British television and radio speaker Dermot O’leary in the August 1 to 9 p.m. BST.

Theatre is not the only type of live performances have already put something online in a shelter in place order. Drag Queens do the same. To support them all.

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