How to Hua lost the heart of the Chinese people

On the first anniversary of the She was arrested, in Canada, Meng millionChief Financial Officer of China Telecom giant Huawei issued an open letter, describes how she experienced fear, pain, despair, helplessness, torment, and accept the unknown.

She wrote at length about the support she received from her colleagues, about the friendly people in a court in Vancouver and on”countless”Chinese online users say they trust.

Her letter, published on Monday, is not received from China on the Internet, Ms. Meng, is known—in a term means that you want to make—as a”Princess”because she is a daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei.

On Twitter and other social media platform for micro, many users published digital 985,996,251 and 404 in the comments section below her letter. They slyly refer to the previous Huawei employees graduated from one of the country’s top universities in one program code name 985, working hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week, and was jailed for 251 days after his requirements ended severance pay when his contract not be renewed.

His story went viral in China, generating angry reaction line. This leads to a 404 error message, as the article and comments is to delete one of the signatories to the review bodies work.

The former employee, Li HongyuanEventually released from prison without charge and receive $ 15,000 government compensation The last one Week. He shared his story online last week, was a blow to China’s reputation begins.

In China, however, Huawei has been considered to be the crown jewels of the state of the tech industry and enjoys tremendous good will. Many Chinese proudly gave up their iphone for Huawei phone. But the rebound The imprisonment of long-term employee After a labor dispute has made it clear that the Chinese are beginning to sour the company.

“Huawei has the right, and indeed responsibility, to report the facts of any suspected illegal acts to the authorities. We respect the decision by the authorities” The statement said. “If Li Hongyuan think, he suffered the loss or his rights have been violated, we support his right to seek satisfaction through legal means, including litigation of Huawei.”

Online commenters called the statement”arrogant”and”cold-blooded.” “The elephant stepped on you, but you can take a step back,”a popular WeChat article said. “What kind of a response to justice!”

Jiang Jingjing, a blog that criticized Huawei’s trampling on its employees ‘ rights with its tough performance evaluation system and the legal firepower. “Once a company has become a cold, dehumanized grinding machine, what’s the point for it to exist?” He wrote.

After Ms. Meng’s arrest, there is a lot of support Huawei. In the most recent quarter, Huawei smartphone sales volume in China grew by 66 per cent from the previous year. Sales of apples and of most of Huawei’s domestic competitors has declined, according to research firm Cana Leith.

Now many people are talking about boycotting Chinese products. Image A China brand of handcuff in the online streaming as a new,Smart-Fitness Wristband. One of the”band”is the so-called”free meals and accommodation versions,”referring to prison life.

Tang Ting, public relations Executive, posted on his micro-social media schedule, anger can cause lasting damage to the Huawei brand. Chinese companies think that consumers respond only freebies and discounts, He wrote,”However, there is a high proportion of the younger generation care about values.”

In a sign that many middle-class professionals fear that what happened, Mr. Li may occur in them, the online users to distribute articles about prison life, especially in the Dragon of the detention center in Shenzhen, Mr. Lee spent more than eight months. Huawei is based on Shenzhen Dragon area.

Some of the network user cycles of a three-part blog by a programmer to spend a year in the detention center work in gaming and gambling software. Gambling is illegal in China. This blog has written in detail what it was like living in a 355-square-foot cell with 55 people in tropical weather—what they ate, wore and did every day.

Many Chinese, especially the outrage of the extent of press reports and online responses have been reviewed. They say they feel helpless, because they cannot criticize the government. Now they feel they can’t criticize a huge company.

A micro Ms. Meng’s letter received 1,400 comments. Many simply 251,the number of days Mr. Lee was detained. Less than 10 comments, a compassionate man, still visible to the public.

“A company that is too large assessment is more dire than the company is too big to fail,”nie huihua, an Economics Professor at Beijing’s Renmin University of China, told the news website Jiemian last week II.

Jiemian interviews, Mr. Lee, published in the Monday, has been removed.

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