How to be sexy by 2020

Okay, so Maybe This title is inclined a little bit baitey, but really don’t we all want a little bit sexy a little bit of freedom, and more confidence in the next decade of our lives? In fact, we are entering Twenty-year-old Feeling very important, for me it is a perfect time to take stock of the types of people, I hope in the next 10 years.

I was at a dinner party a few weeks ago, when a friend proposed the question to the table:”what is the one thing you want to leave in 2019, there is one thing you are going to take you to 2020?” My answer to the first part came to me immediately: I want to stop according to my actions on the opinions of others. I want to live in touch with my own inspiration and desires instead of living other people’s approval.

I want to live completely in a strong self-confidence is unshakable case, the comparison, or any other human measure of success.

To 35, I’ve been feeling this sense that if I don’t completely hug me now, then when? Now is the time for you guys, it’s true no matter what the age. The faster you understand that it is the best is a version of yourself instead of second rate version of other people, you have come up with a important life truth, many people are not Once Fully claim as their own.

Can you think of a friend, he really is comfortable in her own skin? Such a friend who wears what she wants, go where she wants, and says she thinks, regardless of others opinion about it. Now, remember the last time you told her: Did you feel particularly relaxed, knowing that she is not caught approved you can totally put it in her presence? Maybe you even hope that a little confidence will RUB off you. It feels magnetic, charming, charming, charming, sexy.

Our editorial theme for the next few months Confidence. We will explore how to get more, and how to tame those parts of ourselves get in the way(hello inner perfectionist and FOMO monster!) I was particularly excited to interview some of the creative women pioneers in their fields to discover how they found their voice and have the confidence to share. And since today is the first day in the New Year, Most of us are feeling ready to take on some new habits for a spin, I’ll leave you some confidence builders you can try this week:

  1. Smiling said Yes to 3 strangers today. It’s almost shocking how people feel immediately attracted to you when you are putting such positive energy.
  2. When you find yourself scrolling through social media, leaving 3 positive comments friends photos, to brighten his day. The best way to get over”what someone else thinks of me?” Is shifting its focus to”how can I lift the other one?”
  3. Spend 30 minutes in the morning recording the response to this prompt:”What does”success”mean for me?” When you get clear on your personal values and priorities, you may realize that Your Definition of success looks different, other people may have for you.
  4. Practice good posture. The simple act of sitting/standing straight, and have a full, deep breaths is the best of the 1-second confidence tool.
  5. Schedule exercise on your calendar, and stick to them. The exercise of the energy, clarity, and feel empowered. It worked.
  6. Say”no”to something This is not in line with how you actually want to spend your time.
  7. Say”Yes”to something This makes you feel purposeful and excited.
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