How the coronavirus Test Putin and the system created him

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Russia is the front line of the Cov of the crisis, it shared a long border with China/Asia. Nevertheless, many of the official response are similar to those in the United States.

Citizens were informed that self-isolation. New responsibility, authority and prominent public be decentralized to the regional governors and mayors of large cities, especially Sergei Sobyanian, has been completed and widely respected mayor of Moscow. And leaders at all levels are suddenly heavily dependent on and defer to the expert opinion of medical authorities and other experts.

But at this moment in Russian history, something else is being tested: not only Vladimir Putin’s personal leadership, but the effect of the political-administrative system, he has created since 2000,”vertical”extension, from the Kremlin all the area and the city is the world’s largest territorial country. Although Putin and his continuous development of the system faced previous crises, particularly the war in Chechnya–this is the most serious and ramifying.

Health crisis with a national discussion of how to—as Putin will remain the No. 1 leader after his the Constitution allows two consecutive presidents of the period in 2024. The various solutions discussed, including amending the Constitution, will eliminate such limitations or to create a new position into Putin and whether this change will require a national referendum-and indeed whether one can hold to a health crisis.

Large, long-term issues are also involved. How, for example, would further enhance Vladimir Putin affect the plan to achieve the democratization of the political system by placing more power from the Kremlin to the Parliament(the State Duma). One of the recommendations, apparently with Putin’s support, has been the State Duma of the power of the name of the President of Russia. Regardless of the outcome, it is noteworthy that no public figures, including the opposition, seem to be able to imagine an alternative to Putin’s own at this time.

Also not the role of the United States is missing the discussion. More and more of the Russian public figure is to draw a parallel with World War II U.S.-Russian Alliance Against Fascism, and called for such a antiviral Alliance today. However, even if the President of the Trump understood this necessity, and requirements of the act, as he should be, it is not clear he will be allowed to do so in Washington.

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