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The line is a vibrant, modern boutique hotel located in Korea Town Los Angeles. It exudes the hip design of the details—wherein the-century building style with its Sunny second-floor pool, lush urban greenhouse restaurant, Commissary, by LA chef(and street food king)Roy Choi.

Bright, welcoming lobby is always a scene,lively during the day and night with guests having too much fun to go back to their room.

In all such style and Polish, it can be easy to forget the glue that holds so much of it together: row of the team to keep guests connected and safe, to be able to smooth communication and sharing of files between design, marketing, vendors and contractors behind the hotel’s success and helps to guarantee a line of proprietary ideas—this is particularly valuable in industries that compete on creativity.

“The confluence of ideas and cooperation that happens in the route, it requires security,”said Nick DeMarco, IT Director. “Because these ideas are a continuation of our brand outside. Innovative sauces, because it is really need to be protected.”

Cloud security collaboration

Line team to maintain a variety of files in the cloud-from the income analysis and a blueprint for the budget and the description they often share these outside and enjoy the cooperation of the supplier. “It is essential to keep the data safe,”says DeMarco. “Because that is what is proprietary and special about our brand. If we do not have this level of protection, we will be a more open social engineering and other types of attacks, many of our ideas can be used as a competition of ideas.” These days, intellectual property is just as valuable as, if not more than, the physical attributes.

DeMarco said mobile data security is also essential, because the attack is no longer a question”if”but”when”—so his team must be able to respond quickly. “I need to be able to manage e-mail easily, even when I move—literally get a phone call, not close to any one of the offices and remove or freeze the user’s flight, in real time.”

Services and security, around the clock

Running what is basically a 24/7 business, the company’s internal data is not the only data in need of protection. “The service of the guests is top of mind line of the team,”said DeMarco,”which means constant communication. You never know what you are going to the front Desk what the emergency you will be treated—so the continuity and the mobility of communication is very important.”

But this is not enough for these connections is always, they also need security—whether this is for a guest to get e-mail on the hotel’s Wi-Fi or Desk sharing sensitive financial data with revenue management. The team online priority customer trust and data protection. “Customer data line of the lifeblood,”says DeMarco. “If we don’t keep this data secure and maintain this unwritten contract, then we may lose customers.”

With staff moving to the hotel and some staff in remote offices, the task of mobile data security can get complicated. “Because we are a highly mobile workforce, the security and enjoyment of our data is critical,”says DeMarco. “E-mail security and uptime is a first for us, as our team needs to communicate. The second is to be able to share data inside and outside the company.”

Protect the future

Like many of its teams, the line of the team doing a lot with a little—just DeMarco and one of the other people, the Coordination of all the hotel brands. And success he is able to provide this safety and reliability, even with a small staff. “Not an excuse, there is no e-mail. There is no this. No,”said DeMarco.

Security is more important than ever, especially in a business where reputation is everything. “All industries should be concerned about data protection, but any business that relies on face-to-face interaction—like in the hotel owes it to all users and passenger transport as the most safe manner possible,”said DeMarco.

“I think that the world has taught us, right now, you’re never too small to worry about file security or data protection.”

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