Holly vows to vote against Supreme Court nominee who has not’expressly recognized that ROE V. Wade was the wrong decision’

Sen., Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Said Thursday that he plans to vote against any Supreme Court nominee who has not publicly come out against the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision, adding that the GOP owes its Pro-life voters to take a hard-line stance on this issue.

“I will vote only applies to those who the Supreme Court nominee has been a clear recognition that ROE V. Wade was wrongly decided, this day decided,”he said, in a speech from the Senate floor.

“I will vote for those nominees, and these nominees alone,”Holly continues. “When I said that, explicitly recognized, I mean in the record before the nomination. I don’t want a private guarantee. I do not seek them. I don’t want to predict the future of the voters or future behavior, because, frankly, I don’t believe them. I don’t want commitment of any sort. I think the evidence suggests that the Supreme Court candidates will be subject to the Constitution and the law. I want to see the records clearly confirm any nominees to understand the rules of engagement of mockery, Yes.”

He added,”If the record is not there, then I will not support this nomination. I don’t care who made the nomination.”

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The Missouri Republican said in the ROE V. Wade decision as”judicial imperialism”, and compared it to apartheid in the case of Plessy V. Ferguson and Dred Scott V. Sandford decision, which believes that blacks are not entitled to the rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

“The rules of engagement is the very essence of judicial imperialism. This is a shameless power grab by unelected judges imposing their moral and social opinion of the country,”Holly explained that earlier in his speech. “Just like another group of judges did in a case called Plessy against Ferguson. Just like another group of judges not before that, in a case called Scott. And Yes, I mean compare the ROE of those earlier cases, because Scott and Plessy and ROE Belong Together. They are the worst miscarriage of justice in our history. The worst judicial opinion of all time…[they]abuse of the morally repugnant decision, the wounded soul of this country.”

Holly said those who believe the problem is a failure of the battle it should be recognized that”every life is worth the fight.” He claimed that GOP voters supported Republican candidates for decades, based solely on their promise to push through anti-abortion legislation and appoint Pro-life judges in the entire United States court system.

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“I take this position because I believe it is fair and loyal to the legal requirements in our time–of my–of those who exercise power of judicial review, commissioned by the judiciary of Article III of our Constitution,”he said. “And I also believe it is what the Republican Party owes millions–millions of Americans–who do this reason for their vote for many years. These men and women of goodwill and faith of the people of the labor force still day after day, rejoicing in Hope, patient in disaster-work time, the judge will be completed.”

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