Here’s how to get 3 months of Tidal HiFi for just $1

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TL; Dr: As of July 28,you can get three months of Tidal HiFi subscription for only 99 cents(usually 19. $ 99/month)if you sign up through Best Buy. After this period, you’ll pay just 14. $ 99 a month to continue membership.

From Gov Ball Bonnaroo to Taylor Swift stuff Strait region of Valentine’s day, this year the summer music festival season is a comprehensive and thorough cleaning. And judging the way people package of The Chainsmokers’s most recent concert in the Hamptons, is about to return to a normal concert Sure Is not in the cards. (To OnPeople.)

If you want to hear your favorite artists playing and singing of the people, the tides have the next best thing: a subscription to the streaming service of”high fidelity”(audio)level, you get a unique, ad-free access to the losslessly compressed(simple)rail sound exactly as they did when they were recording in the Studio, and the mastering quality certification(mergers and acquisitions)of the track, the sound is exactly the same as the artists want you to hear them. (Music compressed into an MP3 file to listen to confused compared to both, because it lacks the subtle details and listen to their original recording.) It is basically one of the best things to hold private concert in your living room.

Tidal HiFi subscription usually goes to 19. $ 99 a month—which is $ 10 more than the music of the senior and 5 million more of Apple musicians family plan. But get this: you can get three months just 99 cents 如果你报名参加通过 with my Best Buy account, you’ll get each month after only 14. $ 99.

Like some of the album Flow in the tides.

Like some of the album Flow in the tides.

With unlimited access, high quality streaming media on multiple devices, Tidal HiFi subscription also allows you access to the Expert content(such as interviews, music video and background video)and give you priority status in the concert tickets sales and tides X event, it will hopefully be a thing. In addition, you’ll unlock the ability to stream expert and artist-curated playlists, and create your own. (Come on, let a just the original owner Folklore‘s”Betty”over and over and over again, if you really want to—no judgment here.)

Hit the blue button below to go to the Best Buy website and take off your Tidal HiFi subscription.

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