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A slice of bread by Yossy Arefi

What are you this weekend? We have to see this documentary 63 tonight(have you seen the series? It is so good), and tomorrow we dress up for a holiday party. Hope you have a good one, here are some interesting links from around the web…

My gift pick from Catbird. (Love everything they do!)

Reader’s block.

Every time we travel, I think this article, haha.

We played this game last weekend, really love it.

A beautiful way to use apples.

The top 10 shown in 2019. (New York)

This year, for the first time, the New York City Ballet’s”The Nutcracker”there is a black Mary. (New York Times)

In addition, the dancers to get instruction from her coach. (Not to suffer with your eyebrows!)

Freeze the second is about climate change. In addition, Olaf is a gem.

One full of love questions to ask your partner.

In addition, two readers ‘ comments:

Said Flannery in a weekly relationship ceremony:”some of the best advice that I was from the mom of a family I used to babysit. As she rolled her eyes after her husband took the child’s lunch box out in the wrong places for the millionth time, she said to me,’have roommate problems and related issues and you should never be confused.’ I think this all the time.”

Said Katie in the one thing I always do, at a family party:”growing up, I always invited to go to the Bank, my Grammy when we visit my grandparents. Her chat and everyone let me press the button at the ATM and pick up a Deposit slip, so I can play”Bank”once we got home. I treasure the memories of this little chore over the years. Have to do some of the ordinary to have a family members can’t see all the time, you can feel really exciting as a child.”

Note: for us grammar nerds, I’m sorry, the quotes are messed up on mobile, now! We work!

(Photos by Yossy Arefi. The frozen strips by Irene.)

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