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What are you this weekend? We’ve been eating British-style sandwiches, where you put the cream in them no matter what—butter, cheese, and butter and ham, butter and jelly! It is so delicious. Hope you have a good one, here are some interesting links from around the web…

‘Indian matchmaking,’unpacking, by the four South Asian women.

You and your partner sleep on the side of the bed?

Every piece of clothing seems to have this neckline. (And I love it.)

I challenge you not to smile when looking at these photos.

Breonna Taylor on the cover of Oprah’s magazine. (Oprah has been on every cover for 20 years, until now.)

Wise words.

Alex suggested we see this movie it is so sexy.

A teacher in Japan, to encourage adults to cry more. (New York)

Well, I’m doing a sandwich as soon as possible to solve it.

Peace towel is now blue.

How pretty is this Wallpaper?

In addition, two readers ‘ comments:

Said Lily at four interesting things:”you look at the mini documentary Claudia Shore Club? This is about the impact of the character of Claudia Bank has been in the Asian American community. It resonates with me so much. I think I like it even more than the actual Babysitters Club show!”

Said CC on 13 reader comments the ceremony:”I lost my husband suddenly to a heart attack the day before our city to go to solitary confinement. My whole world has been upside down since March, but every night after my shower I put on my favorite perfume and open a bottle of my husbands Cologne and smell it deeply. It’s comforting and familiar, and give me peace and strength to face the long night alone. I think I do, forever and ever.”

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(Photo by mignonettetakespictures through Instagram. Pokee link by Tina.)

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