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The Seagull by Nicki Sebastian

What are you this weekend? We want to go to the beach, and I look forward to hearing the seagulls squawking. Hope you have a good one—stay safe—here are some links from the network…

It is time for compensation.

How cool is this floating ball art exhibition?

Insecurity season four is messy, but fashion is not.

The best advice of the therapist. “Not a complete sentence.” “Feelings, not facts.” “If someone shows you who they are, you must believe them.”

Beautiful photos.

Makes me laugh.

I go into this corner of wall paint.

Oh, Little Love Story. (New York)

Two great deals:

Brooklinen offers $ 20 off$100 Code CUP20. (We love their own sheets.)

Nisolo is having a huge sale up to 40% off, plus additional 20% discount on Cup of Jo readers. (!)

In addition, two readers ‘ comments:

That J. On 21 surprising parenting tips:”this is probably the best parents of two children, but one thing my mom did is assigned to each of us either odd or even in primary school. The list of things, which is the increased use of year, but even throughout high school, a small quarrel who was sitting in the front seat of the car, who got to pick the dessert, who have selected television program of the first, who did dishes, who have a shower for the first time, he did___first, and so on. It is very easy to solve, by looking at the calendar to see if it is an odd or even day.”

That M. In 5 things I want to tell my white friends:”I am a black woman, which makes me burst into tears. I have never read something that completely put every inch of my soul deep words. Thank you, thank you!”

(Photos by Nicki Sebastian.)

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