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Pizza by Carla Larry and music

What are you this weekend? Anton began to drum class, so I might do some chocolate cake to our neighbors:)hope you have a good one, here are some interesting links from around the web…

Thank you for being so excited about our spring market! Would love to see you. 🙂

I saw this movie this week, this is a delightful dessert.

You will try No Screen Week Day?


A comic talking to the children about the coronavirus. Like this.

This photo makes me laugh so much!

This shirt has the most beautiful sleeves.

What a welcoming entrance.

Delicious dinner for a child or adult.

We interrupt this brain surgery, in order to bring you a violin solo.

Have you seen Love Is Blind? This is crazy, but so compelling.

Like this article rom-com Director Nancy Meyers, they now find themselves attending the wedding of her ex-husband. (New York)

In addition, readers of the comments:

Said Christina and this is how a good things people have done for you:”while traveling in Hong Kong, I had an anxiety attack in a crowded Mall—my heart felt as though it would explode, and I felt like I was drowning. I scan my surroundings for a place to sit, I realized that my calf and all of my toes decided to start cramping.

“Overwhelmed, and now unable to walk, I sit on the floor in the middle of a shopping center and tried to stretch out my cramps. I was beyond caring about how strange I must have looked. After a moment, the elderly people in Hong Kong Ladies do not speak English came to me and started to massage my legs to put my shoes to massage my cramped toes. I barefoot. In my cold sweat. While they do that, the other woman stopped to help and massage my hands.

“My anxiety through, because none of my spasms, but they wouldn’t let me get up until I finished a bottle of water, they indicate another stranger let me.” How sweet is it?

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

(Photo by Carla Larry and happy to Instagram. No screen Day by this is.)

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