‘Halo Infinite’ delayed until 2021, Xbox Series X set for November

Microsoft is pushing the plan to launch this series of X in November or even as a next-generation console’s biggest launch title of the single to 2021.

The company confirmed its commitment on the start last Tuesday at almost the same time tweet to 343 Industries confirmed Halo unlimited Not released with the console. On the contrary, the next Chapter in the Halo series will arrive sometime in 2021.

“The decision to change our release is by a variety of factors contributed to the development challenges, including ongoing COVID-related impacts, the impact to all of us this year,”the statement read. “This is not sustainable for the well-being of our team or in the overall success of our game to take this vacation.”

The statement does not make any mention of what the revised release plan will look like Unlimited. Presumably, an early 2021 release is possible, although as with most things involving a global pandemic, presumably on the basis of how things work, in the Before Time does not always pan out, in our Changed World.

In other words, Be patient, do not get your hopes too high. Unlimited Will come here when it gets here.

A press release from Microsoft, and went out at almost the same time ring the news surfaced emphasized that the forthcoming support of”thousands of games across four generations.” It’s true: the new Xbox is set backward compatible you Xbox, Xbox360, Xbox, Game Library.

There is also the upcoming slate of fall 2020 releases, including Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft and the new, not yet announced Call Of Duty game. So it’s not like the X series will just sit in your TV until the Unlimited Arrives.

But still there’s no denying that this delay is a blow to Microsoft’s hopes for a big console launch. The line between different generations of video game hardware may be blurred now more than ever before, but Halo is one of the core Xbox series Microsoft hasn’t launched a new console on the the latest entry into this series, because the original Xbox in 2001 initiated. Unlimited Is should be changed.

All that said, Microsoft and 343 made a smart move here. To ensure the well-being of Halo unlimited The team at 343 It should be Is the highest priority for everyone involved. Extra time, they’re building the game can ensure a better day one experience for the person and happy to start the Creator. Everyone is a winner.

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