Graham calls the War Powers Act in flagrant violation of the Constitution says Mike Lee, and Rand Paul is so wrong’on Iran

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C., called The War Powers Act”unconstitutional”in an interview Saturday on the”Justice with Judge Jeanine,”right. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Rand Paul,of Kentucky, are wrong to support the containment of the President Trump the military authority.

“Congress has the power to declare war. This does not mean that commanders cannot use military force to protect the country without Congress,”Graham told Jeanine Pirro. “We already have military activities hundreds of times. What the President did is he took out[Kassam General]Soleimani who was planning another attack against U.S. troops in Iraq who are legitimate. He has ownership, his need to protect the forces of the present”to.

“The War Powers Act is blatantly unconstitutional,”he said. “You can’t have 535 commanders in chief. Can you imagine what our country would look if Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul, the Arab Petroleum Company[Alexander Oka Theo-Cortez]…we do not defend the country unless they are agreed? That would be impossible.”

The House of Representatives passed the War Powers Resolution in condemnation of the Trump action against Iran

The House of Representatives voted in favour of the War Powers Resolution, also known as the War Powers Act, last Thursday, attempt to limit the President of the Trump military operations to Iran.

The adoption of this resolution, the 224-194, mainly along party lines, but both sides have some defectors: eight Democrats voted against the measure and three Republicans voting to support it. The independence of the Republic of Justin Amash, who left the Republican Party last year, also voted in favour of the measures.

Graham on Saturday also criticized Paul and the use of opposing drone attacks, killing in Iran earlier this month said they are out of their depth on the issue.

“I like them both if I have an eye problem I will call Rand Paul. He is a very good ophthalmologist but I won’t ask him about the commander’s opinion,”he said. “Mike Lee is a great man. But I can tell you is they are wrong. Their foreign policy is more like Bernie Sanders–not like Ronald Reagan does not like Donald Trump.”

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“A commander can use force to protect the country, not 535 people to sign,”Graham said. “I said this when[US President]Barack Obama President. I said it in the[Bill]Clinton President. If you don’t like what the commander is doing, for the meeting of States cut off funding. We have the power of the purse, but we cannot make military decisions.”

Fox News Andrew O’reilly contributed to this report

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