Google reportedly looking to re-take control from Samsung

Samsung phone may be one of the most popular Android phones, but they are also the furthest from Google’s vision, and their own app store, user interface, and the digital assistant. However, with the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 for just a week, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that Google find a curb, in some Samsung free.

According to the corresponding relationship between the two companies, Google back search Samsung phone, the Foundation for everything Android does. The two companies are discussing a deal that would”promote Google’s digital assistant and the Play Store app”in the galaxy of the device.

This will be a major change in the current system. While the Play Store and Google Assistant is built into the Galaxy phone like they are in each one, they take a backseat to the Galaxy storage and Bixby assistant. Installation may be confusing to the user, the Milky Way, the storage catalog less application hosting compared to the store and often receive updates after they’ve landed in the Play Store.

After launching alongside the Galaxy S8 in 2017, Samsung has struggled to get its Bixby digital assistant off the ground, despite the establishment of a dedicated hardware button into their phone. A clever speaker having Assistant is to show the world in 2018, but still no release. And the Galaxy S20 eliminate the Bixby button in favor of a programmable power button.

In addition to Bixby, such a change is likely to be profitable of the three, the company will essentially be signing the death warrant for its own services. With the Play Store and Google Assistant to take a prominent role, the user will have little reason to seek out the Samsung alternative. However, with smartphone sales Contracting due to the coronavirus, the process may be beneficial to both companies.

Samsung is due to announce the Galaxy Note 20 in the unlock event on August 5.

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