Google parents is the first of four U.S. companies by $ 1 trillion market cap

As Google-the parents became on Thursday the Fourth of American companies at the top of a market value of more than $ 1 trillion, some of the funds holding its shares would like to know whether now is the time to cash a stock of extraordinary results. Shares of Internet search giant up to nearly 17% in the past three months, beyond a more extensive rally in the S&P500 index during the same period by 6 percentage points.

Short interest in the stock, a measure of how much investors fall in price, is to 1%, near the 52-week high for the division and is higher than the competitors, such as Microsoft, Facebook, according to the Refinitv data. Letter to join Apple, Amazon. com and Microsoft as the only U.S. company to hit $ 1 trillion in market value.

“Google is a stock that won’t let you open a gun,”said Kevin Rand Matisse, a portfolio Manager at FirstHand Funds who has not added to his current letter position, because the first quarter of 2019. “I will be able to double my money in this stock from here? I don’t know it.”

Alphabet shares is one of the groups the stock is now at the top holdings of the two mutual funds and hedge funds, the two types of institutions, their investment style tend to be significantly different, a Goldman Sachs analysis showed that this point. Can be left exposed to the volatile price swings if the mood suddenly changes.

Despite these concerns, many investors find it difficult to say goodbye. 28%climb in the letter of the performance and other technical and technology-related stocks money help managers to post huge gains in 2019, making it very difficult for many people to justify cutting their exposure even as they worry about the impact of its operation.

Ernesto Ramos-portfolio Manager of the Bank of Montreal Large Cap Growth Fund, has held his stock bets to the letters of the contact to online advertising will eventually be able to prove that its above average valuation. Letters of transactions in 26. 6 times future earnings, compared to 18. 5 the S&P500 people.

Scott Goginsky, a portfolio Manager than the Rion multi-point Fund, it has been held is added to a long-term position in the past year, concerned that the company’s costs may increase due to its efforts to pre-empt any additional control measures from Washington. This may cut costs the profits of the enterprise, such as YouTube if it needs to hire additional workers to vet user-posted content, he said.

The letter is scheduled to report fourth quarter earnings on February 3. In its latest report, the company’s analysts missed’estimates for third quarter profit by about $ 1.7 billion, although it beat earnings expectations. This message did not weaken investors ‘ prosperity in the company: letters unit back summary report, only to resume its climb a few days after.

Bearish investors, however, 可以指向, which saw its market value below $ 1 trillion after a streak of record profits over. Shares of the company fell by nearly 7%in the past six months compared to the 10% gain of the S&P500 as a whole.

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