Google is improving the smart home control assistant and Android–Review-Geek

Tomorrow, Google is hosting a virtual”Hey Google”smart home summit on the development, but the company didn’t want to wait until the launch of some of its announcement. Although Google is primarily focused on the development, two changes should be a crowd favorite in the smart home the user’s investment in the Google ecosystem.

Android 11 power menu keeps getting better and better. In the upcoming update, Google will release a redesign of this place smart home device linked to the Google attendant is just a button to press to go. In practice, this is somewhat similar to Google Home in the heart of the smart home of the shadows, but look better.

A phone smart home control.

If you have a family to install the application, you can choose to have all or just like to control the show, the slider will let you adjust settings such as temperature, brightness, and how to open the curtains. You can even add the control.

But if you like an automated intelligent home control itself, Google’s new and improved program should be of interest. Later this year, Google Assistant Program will expand the function of the work exist, just like the bird’s nest and the home distance. Your smart home will be able to react when you leave home or walk into a room.

Creating a program is the hard part, and one reason they may not be used more frequently. For this reason, Google plans to give developers the ability to create pre-program the device. Once in place, the developers can propose the program, it is not only a work tool, they produce also with other devices in your home.

You’ll be able to browse and go on Google to approve the app and choose which nest and smart home devices can be controlled. Google did not give the exact time on these new features, but they will arrive later this year. We’ll let you know when we learn more.

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