Google G-set final to determine the connecting piece, and introduced the AI-driven data cleansing tool

In April last year in the cloud the next meeting, Google announced connected to a single type of Google Sheets spreadsheet for the full dataset from BigQuery, up to 10 billion rows. After just over a year of previews and testing, the connection table can generally be used as it is today. And in the coming months, it will be added a new capability-the Smart Fill and smart clean-up, the use of AI learning mode between the columns auto-complete data and the recommendations of the table’.

Even a, with the Smart Fill and smart clean-up, the purpose is to make it easier to G Suite customers to take informed action and produce better results. According to Gartner, 87% of organizations have a very low business intelligence and Analytics Mature, which means that they rely heavily on spreadsheet-based management system, while the lack of data guidance and support.

“In the Google Cloud, we believe that everyone—not just those who specialize in writing complex queries, should be able to use the data,”the G-sleeve product Manager, Ryan Webb wrote in the blog. “We continue to build the Google AI itself into a table, so it’s easy for everyone—not just professional analysts—to quickly make data-supported decisions.”

Google table Smart Fill

Above: intelligent fill in Google Sheets.

As previously detailed, even allowing users to analyze gigabytes of data in the table without using a programming language such as structured query language(SQL). Analysis on the connection piece can be tools, such as formulas, pivot tables and charts, and can be used as a dashboard and share it with anyone, in an organization.

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Smart Fill handle different problems. In view of the column of full name, for example, it automatically detects patterns, generates the appropriate type, and automatically complete the rest of the column. Weber compared the clever writing, the content of the tool, tap the AI automatically fill in the e-mail with fewer mistakes. Smart Fill dependent on the common mode data mapping(e.g., binding to a column with another to get a listing)and the analysis of the data of the user within the spreadsheet to evaluate whether a formula, the data of the user of the G sets of People Directory, or knowledge by Google’s Knowledge Graph will help data input.

As a Intelligent clean-up, it is surface algorithm advice table for the imported data. Specifically, it helps to identify and resolve duplicate row and format issues, indicates that the column Statistics, provides a snapshot of the data, including the assigned value and the most frequent value in a column. Smart clean-up is similar to the assessment of whether there is a common data cleansing operations(such as the elimination of duplicate posts imported)associated with the locking plate, which the surface of the most appropriate recommendations to assist the user in quickly clean up the data prior to analysis.

A Google spokesperson told lock or unlock, the AI models developed in Google TensorFlow framework to deploy at the appropriate time to make smart fill and smart clean-up of the recommendations more relevant and helpful. “Because of these features, users can expect the Smart Fill continue to become more intelligent learning mode to auto-complete data,”the spokesman said,”the intelligent clean-up data clean-up faster, more accurate, broader and more diverse set of data cleanup and data sources in the table.”

Google table the smart clean-up

“In making key decisions, it is important to ensure that data is consistent and error,”Weber wrote. “(These features)make data input faster, but also more error-prone.”

Even the single is available from today to start of the G sets of the enterprise, the G-sets of business education and G sleeve corporate Essentials customers. Smart Fill and smart clean-up will Up Set later this year.

The new sheet the ability to as Google looks injected into the G set more AI for the function. Recently, the company added a feature that lets the user use natural language to ask questions about the data in the spreadsheet, such as”this person has the highest score?”,”and What the sum of the price of the salesman?” Google Meet earlier this year to obtain Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

Two years ago, Google launched Quick Access, learn to maneuver the power tool, indicating that the file related to the file the user is Editing, sheets, files and slides. Recently, Google put auxiliary functions such as grammar advice and spelling auto-correction to Docs in Spain(previously, they were only available in English).

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