Give turmeric a try one of these 7 recipes

Turmeric has definitely come a long way from its days only limited to the Indian kitchen. Don’t get us wrong, we still won’t do the curry, and do not pinch our favorite gold perfume, but in the past year, Turmeric has found a place in almost every modern kitchen, each course. From your morning coffee, your after-dinner ice cream, without limitation, the turmeric arrives, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, cooking is also good for you. Ready to finally jump on the bandwagon? 7 these tried-and-tested recipes is a good start.

This Turmeric Chicken immunity soup has magical powers

“I first read about this idea of immunity soup from Dr. Andrew Weil, he of the recipe, including Chinese herbs and mushrooms have immune-enhancing properties. So I decided to create one myself and this Turmeric Chicken immunity soup using easy to find ingredients that most of us have in our refrigerator at any given time.” —Camille

This carrot turmeric beans is your new healthy snack solutions

“For your Whole30 Peeps there, this hummus is perfect, because it is soy-free, sugar-free and submarines in fresh vegetables instead of French fries biscuit(that is also grain and gluten-free!). This is truly a snack you can feel great about eating that will make you feel great because you power through your afternoon.” —Camille

Turmeric roasted fried small pumpkin melon salad

“Pumpkin is here I’m really brought this dish together and make it a perfect side dish. I picked up some fried small pumpkin squash, and I love the contrast of the beautiful green skin that gorgeous orange. Taste very similar to pumpkin, so if you can’t find fried pumpkin at a local store, you can easily exchange with any other pumpkin, and even some sweet potatoes! “—Suruchi

Camille is turmeric tea latte

“For a larger gathering, I’ll make a large pot of turmeric injected into almond milk and let it warm on the stove until the guests are ready to drink. Then, all that’s left to do is scoop some into a Cup, brew a Cup of coffee, and add it to the drink.” —Camille

This recipe is a genius new way to cut cauliflower

“How do we like this recipe? The earthy taste of the tahini(always), balanced sweet pitted date and refresh the herbs. This vibrant gold color is from turmeric, which is scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Super simple, but very healthy! And cut the cauliflower in this way makes it easier than ever to make the part of the guests.” —Chanel

This homemade ice cream is the Golden milk in a bowl of latte

“The flavor of the ice cream is floral and sweet, the climbing heat from the ginger and pepper, to spice it up. I like the extra punch from the ginger that is mixed into the ice cream, and crunchy texture from the crackers. Do not skimp on the black pepper, I in the end, it is unexpected is the perfect heat with the sweetness of the ice cream.” —Suruchi

About Hawking eye ice coffee

“Josephine House recently added an iced coffee drink menu, the so-called gold, and I always thought it from the first bite, I begged Daisy beverage assistant Director, share the recipe after her mysterious amazing lay.” —Camille

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