‘Game of Thrones’ direwolf dog named Odin passes away

Odin, the Northern Inuit dog who starred in the first episode Game Of Thrones For direwolf Summer, the past due to complications of cancer, his family announced on Instagram Thursday.

Odin passed in his sleep shortly after being diagnosed with oral cancer. He is 10 years old.

Odin love the beach and treatment, his family said, in the Instagram posts. Odin can see the family’s Instagram page enjoy outdoor activities with his brother Tony, who plays for the direwolf Greywind with Odin on Game Of Thrones.

The dog of the family of the main travel in Ireland, where they put people bring up see to the various locations to shoot Game Of Thrones With the famous dog actors as companions. Although the dog only starred in one episode of the series, they are still close to the program and the books they are based off, and recently got some time with the author George R. R. Martin.

Odin’s family to use the contributions raised his diseases to pay the vet bill and donate the rest to the dog charity.


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